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Onnekas Multi Function Release Agent (MFR-25A)

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Onnekas Multi Function Release Agent (MFR-25A) Grease

Multi Function Release Agent (MFR-25A)
ONnekas Multi Function Release Agent is biodegradable & non toxic dispose-method;
-For non toxic disposal, simply add 100 parts of water to 1 part of MFR25A before disposing it into any watercourse. Once it is diluted using ration 100:1(MFR25A) is ecofriendly to all water system without harming any living organisms.
Key Functions :
1)Excellent lubrication & protection properties;
i) For die/mould release inmetal stamping, pressing, drawing, castings and extrusion.
ii)For machinery / conveyor chains.
iii)For tooling and mould cleaning & protection.
2)Excellent degreaser function.
i)No solvent needed to degrease parts before plating/coating.
Key Benefits :
i)Anti rust protection as long as coating remains on surface.
ii)Cost efficient due to water based concentrate can further dilute with water to suite usage. Dilution can be up to 1:3.
iii)Non- toxic-no heavy metal as certified by SGS.
iv)Biodegrable-dilution can be disposed anywhere; not harmful to living organism.
v)To prevent oxidation(anti-rust) for metal products as a coat.
Specification :
a)Appearance              :Translucent and reddish to brown color.
b)Smell                       :Neutral
c)PH Value                 :9-12(alkaline base)
d)Specific Gravity      :1.084 gram/cm3.

Recommendation using MFR25:
a)Dilution should start with lower ration of water and to be increased as test go along.
b)Water dilution ration guide : 1:1, 1:2, 1:3.
c)Metal stamping process: optimum dilution ration achieved when die is released smoothly with no color stains. For complex die less water to be added.
d)For very stubborn stain-less water to be added.
Different between Oil base lubricants compared with MFR25A

Oil Based Lubricants MFR25A
i)Captures dirt and substances easily.
ii)Increases abrasion while stamping.
iii)Reduces equipments lifespan.
iv)Cannot dilute with water for cost efficiency.
i)Easy to be washed off with just water.
ii)Easy to wash off oil substances(if any) from mould.
iii)Multi function feature : As a degreaser.
iv)Come in concentrate form, offering longer consumption at low cost as can dilute with water.
Note: Thirty party test report as per attached.

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